Who/what is Balletorama?

My name’s actually Candice and I’m a ballerina wannabe designer from Toronto, Canada. I also happen to be obsessed with ballet.

Balletorama is not only a place where I share my own journey and progress as an adult ballet beginner, but also an opportunity to open up the dialogue of recreational ballet. This blog is an extension of my Instagram; here I elaborate on my day-to-day ballet observations, progress, and insights that may not always correspond to a visual element.

When and why did you start taking ballet?

I danced from ages 5-10 and 15-17 but mostly contemporary and Chinese folk dancing sprinkled with bouts of rhythmic gymnastics because flexibility was my thing. As years go by without any dancing or any consistent physical activities I lost all my flexibility and I felt like my dance background was going to waste. It didn’t help to see that one of the girls I used to dance with kept up with her dancing!

What motivated me to take control of my misery was seeing the enchanting dancers in the Salute to Vienna New Year’s concert in 2013. The grace and the beauty of the dancers and the movements captivated my heart more than ever before. I had always loved ballet but truly seeing it up close in person inspired me to finally seek out options to try it myself. I started classes the following September, just shy of turning 22. I was nervous but proud of myself for ending the pity party.

What are your goals in ballet?

In the beginning I told myself that I would get en pointe before I turn 30 but that goal’s checked off as I started pointework this year 2015.

Currently, it’s to achieve the grace and épaulement I ever so long for. And single pirouettes without toppling over (it’s a constant work in progress). I would love to dance a pas de deux some day. Get in touch if you’re looking for a partner at your studio in the Toronto area!

How do I get in touch with you?

Email me at candice@balletorama.com. I’d love to hear from you!