What’s for the new year?

My studio just released the winter term schedule for the new year over here. It’s much the same but Kate is coming back from her maternity to teach again. That got me thinking about my own return to the studio, because I’ve only just started to ease back into ballet after being away from it for the majority of the year. I’m happy to report that I take at least one class a week (setting my expectations low here) and I’m doing well. In fact, I’ve got this newfound confidence that’s been helping me gain a clearer idea of what I want to work on/towards in the immediate future.

Balletorama visual identity (re)design

I don’t want to promise that I’ll write more on this blog, because there’s about 10 more steps I need to get to before I feel comfortable doing that, one of which is to do a whole redesign and to consolidate the branding. What you see currently as of December 2016 is a half-assed attempt at making this blog look presentable from a year ago (psssst, I didn’t even design the theme). Every time I open up my WordPress dashboard I’m reminded of how unsatisfied I am of my blog because it feels disjointed from my Instagram. This may seem trivial to many people, but being a designer by profession, it’s second nature for me to want to provide a seamless cross-channel user experience in this scenario—i.e. I want you to feel that entering my blog is like an extension of how my Instagram is. I don’t think I’ll feel complete without a visual identity system that ties together all my ballet social media.

Standing scorpion challenge

I joined the challenge started two weeks ago by @much_tendu @ballet_n_co and @my.ballet.love. I’m not one to go ham with flexibility due to the excessive fascia buildup on my left leg’s gracilis, so I was skeptical at first. I decided to hop on the bandwagon in the end because I thought it could be a good way to encourage me to foam roll more frequently and focus on stretching my hamstrings which I often neglect. What I learned so far is that this stretch is almost impossible to do when my body is not warm enough. I thought my starting point was as far as I could go, but apparently I wasn’t warm enough yet because I could go much further after a full technique class. If I truly want to get anywhere in achieving the ultimate standing scorpion pose, it just means I must go to more classes so I can stretch better! And that leads me to…

Getting back on pointe

Yes, I said it, I am getting back on pointe. I’ve just started doing simple exercises at the barre like rises because I found that doing pointe was quite beneficial in helping me become more aware of certain muscles I don’t realize I have to use etc. I don’t dare to do anything complex or challenging; having had so many bouts of health and physical issues in the past year, I’m pretty 100% sure I would not jeopardize my body in any way just so I can feel awesome in pointe shoes.

That’s all, those are the main couple of things that I’m working on lately. It feels quite good to write about them rather than having those thoughts floating in my head, probably because now that it’s out in the open, I can be held accountable for.

Cheers to December and happy Friday and happy dancing 🙂