Fluidity (feat. Marijn Baar)

A video posted by @marijnbaar on Mar 6, 2016 at 5:06am PST


Can we stop for a moment to appreciate how beautiful and captivating this port de bras is? I felt so compelled to write a post about this because Marijn, a lovely fellow adult ballerina (who featured me on her blog recently which I totally forgot to mention here, oops I’m not good at blogging), is demonstrating my definition of fluidity and effortlessness in port de bras. There is no broken wrists or stiff fingers, but a ton of control and expressiveness. The energy flows from her chest to her arms and extends all the way down to the tips of her fingers. There is so much breath and life to the movement of the arms. The coordination of her head and the relaxed long neck takes it to the next level. My god, I can watch this clip forever!

Do yourself a favour, follow Marijn on Instagram for more ballet wonderfulness and inspiration, and her blog for words of wisdom Discover More. I promise you won’t be disappointed.