Staying organized à la diaper bag organizer

Ah, the cliché of writing about new year resolutions, but stop right there! I’m actually off to a great start in my goal of staying organized, starting with my dance bag.

I previously expressed my frustration in the search for a bag equipped with an adequate number of pockets or compartments. I was determined to continue the quest in the hopes of staying organized so that I’m not always forgetting things or running late because I’m digging in my tote bag, aka a bottomless pit, to find that locker key or loose hair tie. I officially declared “the perfect dance bag” to be the unicorn in the ballet world. However that is not to say to give up on finding ways to get organized. In fact, my research led me to the best alternative ever in my opinion: ToteSavvy, a lightweight, stylish yet discreet and versatile diaper bag organizer designed for the fashion conscious. If you haven’t figured already I’m all about streamlining, efficiency, and (functional) minimalism be it in aesthetics or lifestyle.

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored but I wish I was because damn, this thing costs 80USD (plus 20USD for shipping), at least two times the price of others. Although I did snatch it with a 20% off discount code, I still had to spend a whopping 120CAD because of this depressing Canadian recession.

Supported by two flanks of sturdy but flexible plastic boards on two sides, there are 9 elasticated nylon pockets of various sizes on both sides of the boards, as well as a large pouch with a velcro opening for soiled diapers. I’m planning to use it to separate anything that needs to be washed. One unique feature I think was smart to implement is the slot for paper. Also included with the package is a diaper changing mat (unpictured) which can be secured to the gusset with the attached elastic loop. Finally, a key clasp (no more digging for locker key!) and handles are sewn on the top.

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My leotards, skirt, and tights are bundled together. Warmups like legwarmers and shorts are in the biggest pocket. Slippers and pointe shoes are sorted as one. Water bottle in the insulated pocket (you know, made to keep a baby bottle warm hah!). Ouch Pouches and lamb’s wool in one of the small pockets. Even my knee compression sleeve and exercise bands have their own pockets! With every item having its own place I’ll know exactly where to reach for what. Someone please help me, I can’t contain my excitement of how organized my bag is now! I get way too much satisfaction from organizing things neatly (precisely why I enjoy knolling).

Let’s give a round of applause for the neatest dance bag ever!