Dance gear wishlist

It’s late, I’m stressed, I’ve got a ton of work to do—what better way to procrastinate other than drafting up a dance wishlist?

I must warn you though, reading this list may cause you to develop an itch to want to go shopping for dance goodies too.

Capacious bag with multiple compartments/pockets

I’ve been using a medium-size canvas tote to carry my dance gear to class, but I don’t like how it’s a big mess when I toss everything inside. Searching for a dedicated “dance bag” yields results of flashy looking duffle bags littered with kitsch designs made for younger girls, so that’s a no go. Duffle/holdall/weekender bags usually only have one inner pocket, which is not satisfactory as a solution to organize all that I carry with me. Then I had an epiphany—what I’m looking for is actually a diaper bag! But what confuses me is why so many brands/Etsy sellers like to use patterned fabric (notably chevron prints). Despite finally figuring the direction to take in this search for the perfect dance bag, I’m swimming in a sea of cluttered designs. The majority of options I came across are the equivalent of the dance bags made for kids but with more compartments and targeted at moms. It’s almost as if I’m back to square one. Maybe it means I should make my own…?

Bloch’s space boots warmup booties

They finally made it to my wish list. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of chilly weather that’s urging me to jump on the bandwagon. I never felt the need to wear thick socks or warmup gear before class because I don’t arrive early enough to take advantage of a full warmup session. Sometimes I’m in a rush, scrambling to change and fix my hair, which leaves me barely enough time for a good warmup. Not proud of that of course, and I’m hoping when I go back in December I’ll adopt a better schedule to fit more warmup time. And you know, maybe a pair of these booties can help with that.

Leotards leotards leotards always leotards (and skirts)

I already own 7 (one of them I got on sale for $7!) but I still want more. Why buy from a big name brand when there are so many custom options out there? My favourite is Deco Dancewear, operated by pro dancer Casey Dalton. They don’t offer a whole lot of variety or customizations compared to some others like Luckyleo, Barreto, or Yumiko but I genuinely love the classy designs and prints they put out for every collection. Oh, not to mention all their skirts are gorgeous! The cut and fit are by far the best for my body and taste. The chiffons Casey picks out are the softest I’ve ever felt; coupled with the perfect amount of length gradation from front to back, these skirts drape elegantly all in the right places. If i had the money, I would buy everything from every collection.

Travel-friendly 12″ foam roller

Foam rollers are a godsend for my muscles, especially that tight gracilis from a grand jeté injury years ago. I have a full size one to use at home but at 24″ it’s a tad too big to haul to class on a busy subway. Lacrosse balls would be a great alternative if I didn’t find it to be too hard and concentrated on one spot. For the time being, I use my stainless steel water bottle as a makeshift roller in my pre-class warmup routine when I have the time.

There you go, that wasn’t so bad; besides the leotard obsession, everything else is pretty sensible and practical, don’t you think?

What about you, have you got a dance gear wishlist?

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