Substitute teachers

Does anyone else like having substitute teachers? Some of my classmates don’t, but I love it. I’m the opposite of the type who has their “go-to” cafes/drinks/spots and what have you. The burst of excitement every With time I order something different on the menu is what I’m after.

It’s the same for taking classes with different teachers, be it at my regular studio with a sub or different/new studio. What’s their background? What’s their teaching style? What kind of exercises and combinations do they like to give? Will their vocabulary differ much from what I’m used to? Finding out the answers to these questions is a way to broaden my horizon of the experience of ballet.

I adored the sub we de had last Saturday. She was formal and traditional like how it’d be in ballet schools for young’ins, but not in the way that makes you hold your breath. Being a techniques driven and detail oriented person, I loved that she gave lots of individual hands-on and verbal corrections. Throughout the class I found myself working extra hard, almost so I could impress her, just like how it was as a kid in my old dancing days. The disciplined atmosphere reminded me that although I’m an adult recreational ballet dancer, I can still have the goal to learn and dance as technical as pre-pros or Arabesque pros.