Pointe shoe fitting woes

My first pointe shoe fitting was less daunting than I thought. It ended being quite fun. The girl at the shop was easygoing, patient, and extremely des helpful in to that she checked the fit of every shoe. I left the shop with a pair of shoes I felt happy with.

Fast forward 6 months, I’m in need of new shoes because the redboard of my left shoe’s shank cracked just above the ball of the foot. Even though their prices are 15% higher than another shop, I still went back to same shop because wholesale NFL jerseys my first experience wholesale jerseys was pleasant and it’s closest to where I live.

My second fitting last weekend and consequent experiences with the shop were less than desirable. The woman who fitted me (different person than the first) failed to check on my shoes when I tried them on; this is only my second pair, I still have a lot of learn! I would describe to her how I feel in them expecting her to give me feedback but all she did was hand me shoes, and many pairs were way too loose (talking about at least a full size up) or too small to even get my foot in. She did zero examination unlike the lady at my first fitting. I felt like I was trying to figure out an equation that has simple no solution.

Needless to say, I came home with a wholesale jerseys pair of ill fitted shoes – Grishko 2007. The vamp was way too long, preventing me from getting over the box. I’ll lay her off on this one because I admit, I was forcing myself to get over the box when I tried them at the store. However, vamp wasn’t the biggest issue. The shoes were too narrow! Upon contorting myself to check the back view of myself on pointe in the shoes, I found that the sole was twisting off to the side. I tried to convince myself that I was just putting the shoes on incorrectly because I thought “I went for a fitting, they should fit well.” When you get a blister on your pinky toe after trying pointe shoes on, that’s gotta be a red flag. I brought up the issue of pinching on my left foot at the shop but all the fitter said was “Really? That shouldn’t happen.” The She did nothing to help solve the problem.

After I realized the fitting issue I returned to the shop for an exchange and encountered the same nuevo woman from last weekend. As soon as I explained to her how the shoes were ill fitted she became defensive. It was as if she was implying that I was making up excuses to return the shoes. To me, her ego was just too high that any moment I mention the shoes she handed me didn’t feel right she resorts to defensive attitude. She also didn’t believe me when I told her that I only tried them at home because there was a smidge and a few very font scratches on the platform. Just FYI lady, when you handed me these 2007s they were already dirty. But whatever, it’s not like you’d believe me anyway. In the end I was docked 5% restocking fee for these. I was so annoyed at this whole situation that I just wanted out right away. If they offered refund I would have snatched my money back and went to another store.

And the problems didn’t stop there. She TOOK THE RIBBONS I PAID FOR! I called the shop about this after I got home but she said she didn’t remember seeing to taking any ribbons. Goddammit CHECK YOUR SECURITY CAMERA IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME! Can 2013 you tell I’m extremely irritated by everything so far that’s happened with my second fitting? I swear I am never giving any money to that ever again.

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