First injury

I think I sprained something last night during class. I don’t say this with 100% certainty because I don’t feel anything when I walk nor did I feel pain facilisis …until cheap nba jerseys I tried to plie today. Although there is world! no visible bruising on the foot (not that I can tell anyway) I do notice some slight swelling in front of the ankle bone. And the “pain”… well it’s barely what I consider painful but I know it shouldn’t be there.

A part of me is in denial cheap mlb jerseys of the situation but at the same time I’m afraid of the possibility of it shoe compounding cheap mlb jerseys into a bigger injury in the future buy lexapro online. And I always hear people say once you roll an ankle you’ll roll it a again more easily.

I was planning on going to class again tomorrow but I’m pretty sure I should rest a couple of days before Video I exercise my ankles again. This is such a bummer because I just got my new pointe shoes and it’s my first pointe class in 2 weeks. I don’t know if I feel more frustrated at this situation or more upset cheap jerseys online at myself.

Cue sulking