Arabesque progress

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I went for a walk yesterday and spotted this bridge that I thought was the perfect wholesale nfl jerseys place for some arabesque action. (If you follow my original кухни instagram @candicelingo you’d know how big of квартиры a fan I am of grids and symmetry.) Notice the rails by the fence? I think they’d be great wholesale jerseys as barres. 

I adore this photo because of woes how well the lines of A my body complements the the symmetry a of the photo composition. And of course, because I’m obsessed with arabesques. To top it off, I’m ever so slightly above 90 degrees! I don’t think I can wholesale jerseys go any higher than 90 for now without getting back/butt cramps (yes that’s a thing) but I’m happy with where I am now compared to where I was a few months ago:

April 29should Pretty good, but lifted leg wasn’t as turned out:


May 16 — Too much weight on heel. Granted, I was balancing barefoot in grass. My right shoulder is a little tense:


I would say there’s been improvements. Now, doing First this on demi pointe is whole This other story. Balance is cheap nfl jerseys not my forte!