The end marks a new beginning

Today marks the end of the spring term as well as the last day of the Introduction to Pointe II Workshop. The past six months have been amazing as we progressed so much since the first class. I’m very proud of myself and my fellow classmates!

In one of first classes, our teacher Kate told Post us that we would be able to go on pointe without a problem by the end of the Pointe I workshop. I couldn’t comprehend that we would actually be on the tip of our toes without holding onto the anything. But we did it; gradually through weekly iPad/iPhone conditioning and strengthening exercises we were able to work up to that point.

Then come Pointe II workshop—exercises were harder and consequently demanded more strength in both feet, ankle, and legs. Half way through the term I had a two-week break that pulled me back a step. I cheap nba jerseys had to learn quickly to catch up and stay on track. My calves were sore for the few weeks following. (It still astounds me to this day that we can lose so much strength in a short period of time.) By the end of the workshop we were doing so many exercises in the centre even travelling steps! Marches on pointe, pas de bourrée, bourrée couru sideways, posé, échappé relevé (yuck).. just to name some from the top of my head.

Thinking back to January when I came back from a long on-and-off break for the good half of 2014 with practically zero strength left, I didn’t believe I would come this far. My attitude towards my ballet learning took a 180 and eventually my technique benefited from the more positive outlook. Pointe has also served as a wonderful complement to regular ballet class because some things are unique to pointe and they help with understanding certain aspects of the body and techniques differently than dancing in flat shoes.

Although this is the cheap jerseys end of the term, summer term starts wholesale jerseys right away next week! I’ll be cheap jerseys attending the Ballet Performance Workshop taught by Iain Rowe who will be choreographing a unique piece of work just for the participating students. I absolutely adore the teacher. For both times I had him as a substitute teacher I thoroughly enjoyed his style of teaching and I also thought he was great at giving corrections as well as encouraging students.

Now on to the photos!

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A few weeks before the term ended I asked my teacher if I could arrange a mini photoshoot session during our last class to commemorate our hard work. I hadn’t gotten permission from my classmates to publish their photos so I can only show you myself hah.

I love arabesque un but I still struggle with the position of the arm. I tend to overreach and extend cheap nba jerseys too high up. My knee in attitude is dropping a bit but otherwise not too bad. I actually smiled in that photo thanks to a reminder from a classmate! You know how it goes, you forget about your face because you’re concentrating so hard on the rest of your body.

It was a lot of fun freestyling in the studio and testing our limits. I’d love to do more of these, if any of my classmates would be interested.